Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Don't panic....yet!

Eeeeeekkkkkkk, three days.......well........almost two days to go!

That is all!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesdays' sneaky peek!

We were away this weekend for a well earned break on our boat, which we keep in Tarbert, Loch Fyne. The weather was good. Dry and pretty sunny all weekend........but it was a bit windy! Well, too windy to think about sailing with two wobbly small people! We just "caravan-ed it", didn't go sailing, hung out, rowed round the bay in the dingy, ate ice creams and sweeties and walked!
It's recharged my batteries after the battle to get my studio emptied and decorated and I'm raring to go!

I thought I'd show you what I'm working on at the moment and how I go about making a papercut.......

Grow old with me papercut, initial design sketch.
This is the initial design sketch for "Grow old with me", complete with a few "re-thinks"!  I draw each leaf in outline only, not showing the detail that I'll cut out, and don't show the thickness of each branch.....mainly out of laziness!   
Grow old with me, 1/3 cut out, right side.

Here it is about 1/3 cut out, with a few more scribbles and "re-thinks"! I tend to keep revising the design right up until it's cut out, changing the position of leaves and where they connect, adding more hearts or birds......

Grow old with me, 1/3 cut out, wrong side.
This is the back of the cut.  It's much easier to see how it'll look without all my scrawls! I use white paper and draw the paper cut as it'll be seen, the right way round. Then after I've cut the whole picture out I spray paint it. Some other papercutting artists use coloured paper and draw the cut on the reverse of the paper, back to front.  
New paint delivery!
This is the range of colours that I'll use to paint the paper cuts on show for Perthshire Open Studios (note the chubby 11 month old hands desperately trying to pull the cans out of the box!)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Costa del.......Pittenweem!

I had a brilliant day with some friends on Friday at the Pittenween Arts Festival. It was a glorious, sunny day and the whole of the East Neuk looked gorgeous.  It's the first year that I've been to the Arts Festival and I'll definately be back! I've put together a board on Pinterest of my bestest favourites!!

We saw some fantastic work and in no particular order of fabulousness, loved the work by Anita Hutchison, Susie Lacome, Hilke MacIntyre, Susan McGill, Dot Sim, Weft Textile Studio and Workshop (actually a shop on the quay side SO, SO, SO, worth a visit anytime!), Frances Wilson (couldn't find a website for her, but this is a link to a profile of her AND it's got photos of her stunningly beautiful, gorgeous, fabulously lovely porcelain.  I can't tell you how much I'd love to own some of this.......but I fear it would not mix well with two small boys.  Well MY boys anyway!!) Alison Midson at The Backgate Gallery (sadly no photos of her linocuts, they are lovely!)  Heather Cunningham. I think I've exhaused my vocabulary of "lovely" adjectives!

My preparations for Perthshire Open Studios are now well underway.  Just as well because it's only 3 and a bit weeks until it starts! I'm excited, nervous and terrified all in equal measure! I've almost finished painting the studio and I can't believe how much better it looks.  It's been on the "to do" list for at least 3 years but other "more essential" things kept overtaking it.  I'll post some before and after photies when it's all done.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Paint-y, paint-y, sand-y, sand-y!

I've managed to get the studio emptied (mostly!) and the ceiling has had a coat of paint. Now I'm doing the boring bit.....sanding all the skirtings, door frames, the door and around the window.  It'll all get done eventually but it's sooooo dull!

On a slightly more exciting note I also managed to get these two paper cuts finished, framed up and off to their new homes.

This day I will marry my best friend
Doris & John
6th August 2011
One day like this, a variation on the happily ever after cut.
Sorry for the slightly duff quality of the photos.....but it was late!

Right......back to the sanding. My consolation is that I'll soon be putting everything back in the studio.

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