Sunday, 29 April 2012

A turquoise happily ever after!

What a day Wednesday was! We were in Oban all day and had a fabulous day, it wasn't exactly great weather (a bit grey and windy) but it was a much needed break from the usual grind!  When we got home I switched on the laptop and.......WOW!

Firstly my happily ever after paper cut had been included in this beautiful Etsy treasury.
Secondly I entered it into the fantastic Crafty Loves giving inspiration game and got some fantastic comments from people and only bloomin' got included in the Folksy handmade wedding list!!!! I've been floating about 6 inches off the ground since!

And since it's Sunday, we have an Etsy treasury! I give you Turquoise #1................I bloody love turquoise I do.....and if that's not a good enough reason.....I don't know what is!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Business cards and branding *yawn* until......

I've recently been thinking about business cards and how to make them stand out and be remembered and by default for people to remember me!  And late last night in bed Billy Connolly popped into my head. I can't remember which DVD I saw this on....and I can't find it on YouTube (without watching hours of clips......not a bad way to pass my time though!) but I have found this which (as far as I remember) ia a transcript of the business card he'd been handed by someone!

Apparently this style of card was big in the 30's or 50's or 80's, depending which website you look at, still fricking hilarious though!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Paper cutting and Treasury Sunday

Well.......hello! I kind of disappeared for a wee while...again, and after all my good intentions!  I have not been sitting twiddling my thumbs (I wish!), I've been busy cutting away making this paper cut for a wedding present.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out.....hopefully they will be too!

And as it's Sunday, here's the Etsy Treasury. I've cheated a bit with this, *whispers* I put it together last week but never got round to doing a post about it, just don't tell anyone! 

Friday, 13 April 2012

and's the end of the week!

Just a wee quickie (oohh err Mrs!) this evening, a bit of a rounding up of the week! 

I've been very busy with my trusty scalpel over the last few days...and this is what I've been making.

Sorry about the slightly rubbish picture but I was soo excited about finally getting this finished that I just wanted to share it! A wee tidy up and then into a frame......this evening.....maybe!

I've also been working on another paper cut, which is a wedding present from me (the royal us!) but no photos yet.....I don't want to jinx it! It took me ages to come up with a design that I was happy with and now is the really nerve wracking bit of cutting it out....without mishap!

We spent a couple of impromptu days with my Maw and Paw, which was really nice.  The boys LOVE spending time with their Grandparents, especially since they have a farm, with tractors and other big noisy machines and of course Granny and Grandad dote on the pair of them! My plan for the week kind of disappeared around Wednesday somewhere, never to return! But that's life isn't it?!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Much excitement...for me!

I've had a super exciting day today, *squeals* my very first ever (as in ever, ever, ever!) order has been delivered to a new shop/gallery Urquhart Glass, here in the village! Eeek!  Here is a link to the lovely Mairi's (of the Urquhart name) website, showing some of her beautiful glass, well worth a look!  The shop's looking lovely and has a wealth of work by various local artists.  Anyone heading through (or to) Comrie over Easter should definitely make the effort to stop and have a look!

And here's a photie of the exclusive designs I produced for her!  I have another two or three designs (in my head....not even as far as the sketch book yet!) to work on.  It's all very exciting, did I mention that!

Exclusive designs produced for Urquhart Glass

Now I'm off to spend the rest of the evening with these......

Paper rose gift tags
also for Urquhart Glass (but may also put them into my Etsy shop)....and not a scalpel in sight! I AM using a glue gun though; hot, burnie, burnie glue as I can confirm!

Oh and a bit of random trivia for you......did you know Mother's Day in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is on the 13th May?! I didn't until I sold another Mother's Day card to California! Well not TO California, to a lovely lady (with impeccable taste!) IN California!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Hot sunshiny sunny sun and Treasury Sunday!

I'm still here *stands on tippie toes and waves* . I've sort of dropped of the radar this week, due to the fantastic weather we've been having here. 22oC on Tuesday and it's only flippin' March!

Me and the boys (or the boys and I, for you grammar hounds!) have spent almost all of every day in the garden, savouring every drop of sunshine.  Our vitamin D levels must have gone through the roof!  This has lead to a hugely tidy garden...........unfortunately this has also lead to the house becoming a bit of a tip! Ah well, it'll get done......when it starts raining!

So.....last Sundays Etsy Treasury (the one which didn't quite happen due to Etsys fickle nature!) has now been curated! I give you Spring is bursting out all over the place! inspired by the stunning weather and a week in the garden!

Floral typography art print by CisforColour on

My other huge excitement this week is buying a new craft knife........I know....what a geek! Anyway I've been doing a bit of sketching this week, a few ideas  for some new cards. I'll post some pictures once I've made the prototypes....with my new knife, did I tell you it's an X-Acto craft swivel knife!  Ok....I'll stop now! 

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