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Janelle Monae is amazing and her words give me goose bumps every time I read this speech. They also fill me with anger because we (particularly us white people) still have so, so much work to do on equality, discrimination, harassment and abuse of power.  But they fill me with hope, because I’ve overheard conversations between old, powerful white men about how they now think about the language they use around women and the “jokes” that they can no longer make. They fill me with hope because I’ve had so many amazing conversations with young women at craft fairs and seen their passion and drive to make change happen. So let’s work together, let make it happen. “to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words: Time's Up.  We say Time's Up for pay inequality,  Time's Up for discrimination,  Time's Up for harassment of any kind,  and Time's Up for the abuse of power.  Because you see, it’s not just going on in Hollywood, 

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