Welcome 2016!

All the turkey and Christmas pudding has finally been finished, the chocolate oranges are a distant memory and the only sweeties left in the super mega Quality Street tin are the ones no one likes. It's the coconut ones here in our house, maybe we should arrange a swap shop, just send any coffee crèmes my way!
And that fateful Monday has arrived when real life jumps out of a dark January morning and gives you a big damp slap in the face, or was that just me?!  I do love the Christmas bubble that we all retreat into and I slightly grudge having to return to reality come January.
In a bid to ease my return I've put together a few of my favourite mid winter (because lets face it, January and February are still most definitely wintery, especially here in Scotland) Instgram hashtags, Spotify playlists and podcasts.

I fell head over heels in love with Instagram in 2015.
My two current favourite hashtags are
#thequietwinter and #makingwinter , just beautiful......
I always have music on in my studio while I'm working and I'm a big fan of Spotify, specially their playlist section, they have a playlist for any possible mood you're in.

My bestest favourites over the past few weeks have been
The Far-North Folk,  Acoustic Winter and Electro Swing.
If I'm not listening to music I've got a podcast on.
My absolute favourites are 
Art for your ear, The Jealous Curator and Design Matters with Debbie Millman I always come away from their episodes having learnt something or with a fresh perspective.

I hope this week is kind to you all..........


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