Sneaky peek Thursday - LOVE papercut

I though I would share a slightly un-sneaky peek with you all! I've dug through my photos and flicked through my sketch book to share the story and scribbley sketches of the development of my LOVE papercut.

I have been mentally playing about, for a few months, with the idea of doing a paper cut with the infinity symbol and the word love and I'd done a couple of scribbles ages ago.  But I felt they weren't really "me" and had left the idea looming in my sketch book. 

While idly wasting time, ehhm I mean "researching" on Pinterest I can across a tattoo of the word love formed into an, almost, heart shape and whirr, whirr, click, click the wheels began turning again. 
Would this make a better basis for the LOVE cut?  Could I make it "me" enough?
I sometimes worry that my sketch book is like the inner working of my mind.....and when you look at this page there are at least four ideas I'm working once!
Almost there, not completely convinced about the flowers and leaves on the bottom of the "heart" shape.........
A few more sketches later and BINGO! It's LOVE, it's "me"!


 Here it is, all framed up!
I've had such an UNBELIEVABLE resoponse to this wee papercut that I'm going to give all you wonderful, fabulous, followers, likeres, fans and friends a special Valentines treat! (exciting isn't it!)
Until and including 1st Feb, I'm going to give anyone in the UK FREE postage on this papercut, just enter the coupon code UKLOVE12 on my Etsy shop
Now I KNOW lots of you fantastic lot are based overseas and I don't want you to miss out on the treat.......but (there always is isn't there?!) to post the papercut framed overseas costs a small fortune sooo I will post it to ya FREE but unframed just enter the coupon code LOVE13 on my Etsy shop to get a 20% discount.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the way your design evolved. It's a beauty!

    1. Thanks very much Ann, it was really interesting for me to see the whole process as well!

  2. Wow.. its truly amazing... :)


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