This year I will.........T H R I V E !!

I don't generally write a list of New Years resolution and never get past the vague promises to myself to get fit and be more organised!

This year however, inspired by Regina Lord, I've chosen a word of the year.  I love Regina's blog, Creative Kismet (and her artwork!) and her post about selecting a word to help build, support and guide you through the year really struck a chord.

I chose THRIVE.  It was actually quite difficult, when I sat down and thought about all my hopes, goals and dreams for the year to condense it into one word! I realised that growing, building, branching out and stretching all figured highly in the list and thrive seemed to fit the bill perfectly!

So this year I will THRIVE! I will do well, I will advance, I will bloom, I will blossom, I will develop, I will grow, I will prosper, I will shine and I will succeed......I will, I will, I will!!

Happy New Year everyone, what will YOU do this year?!


  1. A perfect word for growing, stretching, building....May you have a full and happy year of thriving!

  2. I randomly found my way to your blog today - I've been fascinated with paper cutting since I was a child, though that is not really what I was looking for on my online search today. Anyway, as I was looking about your blog I saw this post and was amazed to see that you chose thrive this year. One of my 3 intentions this year is to THRIVE! I hope you are off to a great start. Your work is lovely. I already feel myself inspired to maybe try a little paper cutting myself. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks very much,I warn you that the paper cutting becomes quite addictive! I'd love to see your paper cutting if you manage to get some done!


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