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Inspired by the fabulous Cupcakes for Clara and her {a little glimpse} posts.

A sketch, photo, or work in progress. A little glimpse into the way we work or what we're working on. Keeping creative and sharing the goodness.

This week I thought I'd share some photos of a new screen print, My home, that I've been working on. 
The design starts life as a papercut.  As always hand drawn and then cut by my own fair hand.....and my scalpel!  I then use the papercut image to expose a screen. This means that the image fixed on the screen is an exact copy of the papercut design.

Here's a very rough test print to see how the colours look, dusty dark blue on a plaster background.  I've recently started to produce two colour screen prints, with a solid block of background colour and then the design in another colour and I've been really pleased with the results!  
And here's the finished article, available to buy in my Etsy shop, here!
P.S. If you want to join in with the posts please do share your link in the comments so we can pop by and have a peek


  1. oh that looks lovely! great to see how you work x

  2. I'm admiring how much patience you have to create such intricate artworks. This post actually makes me miss screenprinting!

    1. Thank you! I do really enjoy the whole screen printing process, even if it quite often leads to hair pulling exasperation!


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