{ Sneaky Peek Thursday } Possibility

This post has been a while in the making.  In fact so long that it's morphed from a { Sneaky Peek } into more of a TA DA grand unveiling!

So here is Possibility, the latest heartfelt moment to be captured and celebrated.

A crossroads in life.  Endless decisions, countless outcomes and oh the possibilities, the boundless possibilities.
Where will decisions made or unmade take you next?  What opportunities lie over the hill, around the corner? 
The most important decision to take?  Live life, dwell in possibility.

As always, I was inspired by a fantastic piece of poetry.  This time by Emily Dickinson's, I dwell in Possibility a brilliantly, inspiring place to live.

Thumbnail scribbles, working out the general layout and form of the design.

Various "life size" sketches, looking at different ideas and combinations of flowers and leaves.

Voila, all finished and painted!


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