Perthshire Open Studios- de brief!

I can't believe it's almost two weeks since Perthshire Open Studios finished for another year!  I shut my front door at 5.01pm on Sunday evening, did a little jig of happiness and delight and then promptly poured myself a MAHOOSIVE (and well earned) glass of wine!

Last year (my first Open Studios) all I wanted was for one person to turn up, even if they didn't buy anything! This year I was worried again.  What if last year was a fluke and no one turns up? Or people turn up and find it a huge disappointment? Or........


But, yet again my greatest expectations were well and truly shattered!  166 incredible, lovely people came and visited me and bought themselves (or some very special, lucky loved ones) some of my work.

I really enjoy chatting with all my visitors about, paper cutting, Open Studios, The Green Route, library evaluation forms (don't ask!) and a hundred other topics! There were a few times (especially on both Saturdays) when I had 4 or 5 people in my studio and my visitors were kind and patient enough to wait to have a chat with me.

My tote bags disappeared (I kid you not!) in the first two days. 

My Christmas decorations also flew out the door.   I take my hat off to all you super organised peeps who have started thinking about Christmas! (Mind you, I've kept the few decorations that I have left hanging in the window.......they look so jolly! But don't tell anyone!)

So a huge thank you to all you brilliant visitors, with out you it would just have been me..........on my my studio!


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