Childhood favourites

In case you missed it, today was the first Robert Louis Stevenson Day!  It was an article on the STV website, via Twitter (#rlsday), that brought it to my attention, and it started me thinking about my favourite childhood books. 

A huge favourite of mine was From Morn To Midnight and it included two RLS poems. 

I can't find an image of the front cover on t' here it is. You can buy it on Amazon though!

I loved the poems and the illustrations, and thanks to my boys I can now reread it!  Unlike some other favourites of mine, I still love it all.  
It was this book that instilled my huge love of poetry  and in honour of RLS, here are the two poems from the book. 

Did I mention I LOVE the illustrations?!

Sorry about the wierd yellow tinge on the photos, it's the lighting in our kitchen!

Did you know that's me on the swing, and the wee girl marching, circa 1983.  Well I was sure it was when I was wee! 

Did I say I LOVE the illustrations?!


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