Frosty night, sunny day

It was the first really frosty night here last night and it's been a beautiful sunny day, are we going to have a sunny, cold and crisp November..? Fingers crossed! I did my weekly bird feeder cleaning this morning and managed to break yet another seed feeder, they seem to last no time, maybe I'm a bit rough with them..! Thought I might try making one, Blue Peter stylie from an old drinks bottle, will add it to my list!

I thought I'd post some photos of my works in progress!

Some Twinkle Satrs drying out

A couple of nearly finished Wee Thingy bowls

Hearts for Hanging, almost done

Some of the moosies loose about the hoose
 I made some tablet today, it's turned out quite well, not as good as my Dads! I just need to make sure I don't eat it all myself, it all and then take the dog for a 10 mile hike!


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