Christmas sweeties....sweety!

We all had a brilliant Christmas.  There was a bit of manic visiting to all the rellies before the big day, but it was all fitted in and the handmade presents were all thankfully received...I think!!

The last few days before Christmas were spent making sweeties.  It's not something I've ever done before, I was always put off by the mysteries of sugar thermometers, but I've really enjoyed it and it's not as complicated as I thought.  Organisation is key though, I almost had a disaster when half way through one recipe I realised that I'd not got a tin ready to put the mixture in, eek! A lesson was learnt!
I thought I'd share the recipes, all very easy but they taste fabulous!

  1. Soft chewy caramels from joy of baking.
  2. Panforte, nutty, chewy and chocolaty, what's not to like, from joy of baking.
  3. White chocolate candy bars, fruity and nutty from joy of baking.
  4. Chocolate bark, fruity and chocolaty and looks beautiful, from joy of baking.
  5. Delicious chocolate truffles from good food channel.
  6. Peppermint creams from all recipes


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