What a week!

Last Thursdays windy day was one to remember, 102mph winds were recorded by the Met Office at Glen Ogle which is about 10 miles up the road from us.  Our electricity went off at 11am and didn't come back on until Saturday at 10pm.  We've got a woodburning stove and an open fire so we didn't freeze.  I could cope with out the computer, tv and radio (just!) but having no hot water was really hard work, we constantly had a pan of water boiling!  Back to normality now, thank goodness!

Two friends have moved house this week so I've been making some housewarming gifts.

Firstly this set of Christmas tree decorations from air dryed clay, cut out with shape cutters, stamped with letters and then painted.  I had quite a few attempts with the letter stamps before I was happy, but the good thing is all you need to do is roll them back into a ball and start again!

Second on the list was a paper star wreath, it's really easy to make but they look so elegant and complicated!

Christmas presents will be the name of the game from now until Christmas, lots to make but I think sweeties will be the biggest portion!  I'm off to make a shopping list, can't wait to see the checkout assistants face as I arrive with bags of sugar, butter, chocolate and not much else!


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