Happy Friday...crack me!

Just a quickie tonight as I'm off to bed, busy day tomorrow!

But I thought I'd show you these egg-strardinary (gettit!) items that I've made recently......just a wee bit different!

"Wow," I hear you all cry "it's an egg in a beautiful box" Why, yes it is....but now here's the really clever bit, *whisper* the egg's empty, I've blown all the content out through a teeny tiny hole, but shhh , don't tell anyone, it'll spoil the surprise!

Write your message on the slip of paper......
roll it up as tightly as you can.......

put it inside the egg, then put the egg back inside the stunningly beautiful box!
Now.....hand it over to the luck recipient for them to crack the egg open and
reveal your message!

Available here and here in two slightly different guises!


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    1. Thanks Shannah! I always thought it would be soo cool to do this with a proposal!


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