A sunny, gardening filled untreasury Sunday

Well.....my resolution to try and post here a couple of times a week hasn't even lasted a week! I'm going to blame the nasty sickness bug that struck us all midweek, are you all convinced?....good!  (Not sure I am!)  Anyway there's always next week!

We remembered the change in time last night....must be the first time in years! So summertime is officially here and what a beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, hot, sunny, springy day to start it off! We spent all day in the garden, digging, weeding and generally preparing for planting season to commence. 

I was itching to get a few seeds into the ground today and I had to keep reminding myself that it's still only March, far too early to be planting things.  It's not unusual for us to get frost in early May so it's best not to get too carried away with the mild weather! 

Blossom on our Cherry tree
There is no Etsy treasury this Sunday, I began to put a gardening themed one together and then Etsy started playing up.  So I read the signs and decided that I would write this, get the kids in bed and then..................a long hot, hot bath.....a glass of red wine and then........early to bed!


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