Much excitement...for me!

I've had a super exciting day today, *squeals* my very first ever (as in ever, ever, ever!) order has been delivered to a new shop/gallery Urquhart Glass, here in the village! Eeek!  Here is a link to the lovely Mairi's (of the Urquhart name) website, showing some of her beautiful glass, well worth a look!  The shop's looking lovely and has a wealth of work by various local artists.  Anyone heading through (or to) Comrie over Easter should definitely make the effort to stop and have a look!

And here's a photie of the exclusive designs I produced for her!  I have another two or three designs (in my head....not even as far as the sketch book yet!) to work on.  It's all very exciting, did I mention that!

Exclusive designs produced for Urquhart Glass

Now I'm off to spend the rest of the evening with these......

Paper rose gift tags
also for Urquhart Glass (but may also put them into my Etsy shop)....and not a scalpel in sight! I AM using a glue gun though; hot, burnie, burnie glue as I can confirm!

Oh and a bit of random trivia for you......did you know Mother's Day in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is on the 13th May?! I didn't until I sold another Mother's Day card to California! Well not TO California, to a lovely lady (with impeccable taste!) IN California!


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