Hot sunshiny sunny sun and Treasury Sunday!

I'm still here *stands on tippie toes and waves* . I've sort of dropped of the radar this week, due to the fantastic weather we've been having here. 22oC on Tuesday and it's only flippin' March!

Me and the boys (or the boys and I, for you grammar hounds!) have spent almost all of every day in the garden, savouring every drop of sunshine.  Our vitamin D levels must have gone through the roof!  This has lead to a hugely tidy garden...........unfortunately this has also lead to the house becoming a bit of a tip! Ah well, it'll get done......when it starts raining!

So.....last Sundays Etsy Treasury (the one which didn't quite happen due to Etsys fickle nature!) has now been curated! I give you Spring is bursting out all over the place! inspired by the stunning weather and a week in the garden!

Floral typography art print by CisforColour on

My other huge excitement this week is buying a new craft knife........I know....what a geek! Anyway I've been doing a bit of sketching this week, a few ideas  for some new cards. I'll post some pictures once I've made the prototypes....with my new knife, did I tell you it's an X-Acto craft swivel knife!  Ok....I'll stop now! 


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