and's the end of the week!

Just a wee quickie (oohh err Mrs!) this evening, a bit of a rounding up of the week! 

I've been very busy with my trusty scalpel over the last few days...and this is what I've been making.

Sorry about the slightly rubbish picture but I was soo excited about finally getting this finished that I just wanted to share it! A wee tidy up and then into a frame......this evening.....maybe!

I've also been working on another paper cut, which is a wedding present from me (the royal us!) but no photos yet.....I don't want to jinx it! It took me ages to come up with a design that I was happy with and now is the really nerve wracking bit of cutting it out....without mishap!

We spent a couple of impromptu days with my Maw and Paw, which was really nice.  The boys LOVE spending time with their Grandparents, especially since they have a farm, with tractors and other big noisy machines and of course Granny and Grandad dote on the pair of them! My plan for the week kind of disappeared around Wednesday somewhere, never to return! But that's life isn't it?!


  1. Ooh it looks lovely. I love paper cuts. Look forward to seeing the one your working on for the wedding present too!
    Sarah x


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