The end of another sailing season

What a hectic weekend......I'm glad it's Monday again!! We spent Sunday in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll giving our boat a bit of TLC before winter sets in.  I didn't take a single picture, which is shocking, because it was such a beautiful day! I do have some from a few weeks ago.....which is when I started writing this post.....before life got in the way!!

Tarbert is one of my favouritest places in Scotland....if not the universe.  In fact the whole area from Oban south, all the way to Campbelltown is one of the best kept secrets in Scotland, and if you ever get the chance to visit the area you should!  It's a bit off the usual tourist trail, as it's a bit "out on a limb".  You won't find many "Boutique" hotels, or Costa coffee shops......even Tescos are few and far between.  What you will find is the most stunning, clear, bright light, huge skies and beautiful deserted beaches........and maybe a tiny bit of rain......just occasionally!!  On the west side of Kintyre there's (mostly) nothing between you and America and it's an amazing sight watching the big waves rolling in after a fact we've visited a few times in the depths of winter just for that reason!

We have a little sailing yacht that lives, very happily, in Tarbert harbour and Saturday 20th November was lifting out day!

Eeeeek! Not looking quite so at home in the air!

The boys had a ball! What's not to like, boats, a HUGE crane, lots of bustle and excitement! Maybe it was just a little, weenie, tiny bit stressful for John......he always looks soooo relieved when she's on the ground and all propped up!

I am as well, but it's also a bit sad because it's the end of another sailing year and it means that winter's not far away....and in the back of my mind I remember the frozen fingers that come with cleaning, polishing and antifouling a boat in March and April! 


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